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Doorknocker by Ben Juers

Doorknocker by Ben Juers

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DOORKNOCKER is about a grassroots activist lost in the bush. Through a series of surreal encounters, her dedication is put to the test.


72 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 2 colour risgraph insides, 3 colour risograph cover.


“Who doesn’t want to read an anti-fascist comic that is funny and deft and limber?! ‘Doorknocker’ is somehow both goofy and deeply serious, sometimes in the same panel. Ben has got a staunch, light touch.” 
- Sam Wallman


Ben Juers is a member of various collectives and co-ordinator of Glom Press. His work has been published in Kus!, the Lifted Brow and Sydney Review of Books.


Instagram: benjuers


Published by Glom Press

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