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Dolly Pardon by Liz Yerby


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Dolly Pardon is a 52 page comics anthology which gets into the life of Dolly Parton. It has a color exterior and black and white interior. Is 8.5x5.5” and has a cardstock cover.

Artists involved in this project are BB Andersson, Caroline Cash, Eileen Chavez, Alecia Gatlin, Kathleen Gros, Avery Jepsen-Minyard, Elodie Kahler, Emily Lewis, Emily Nilsson, Samantha Szabo, Morgan Thomas, Amie Wilensky and Liz Yerby. Additionally, Never Angeline North designed the cover of the book, and CJ Alicandro helped with editing and Ira M Leigh helped with editing, and book design. I (liz yerby) also did editing, and book design work as well as my comics pages.

Self published by the artist.