Dish Rag Magazine Issue 0: Caves by High Steaks Media

1685 Haight

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Some topics covered in this issue include: cheese cave etymology, birds nest soup and the urban rehoming of swiftlets, the history of Renaissance gardens and grottos, the end of an era at a club known as “the rave cave,” guano as stimulant and its place in the world of pseudoscientific medications, and the astrological symbolism of the cave.


About Dish Rag Magazine:

This publication is intended to be a bi-annual investigation of cultural fermentation through the lens of a new theme each issue. Cultural fermentation refers to moments of agitation and excitement that begin to form trends within our day-to-day lives. This magazine, therefore, advances a principled ambition: to draw on fermentation as both a theory and a practice as we journey across sub/human conditions and document scenes of in/animacy. The fermentation process we leverage is certainly not to preserve culture. Its aim, in an alchemical style, is to create something new and unfamiliar, even unpredictable.


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