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Demystifying Comics by Neil Brideau


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Comics can be hard work, but they don’t always have to be!

Neil Brideau wrote Demystifying Comics to encourage people who have never made a comic to make one! This hand-lettered zine includes an examination of what makes a comic, tips and tricks on drawing, and a catalog of games and activities to encourage the reader to pick up a pencil and make their own sequential art.

Written over the course of just a few days on the bus going to and from work, Neil tries to embody the spirit of cutting loose and choosing making something over making something perfect. If you’ve wanted to draw comics and need a push, or if you make comics and need to remember that comics can sometimes be drawn just for fun, this zine is for you!


DIMENSIONS 5.5 × 7.25 in
BINDING Saddle Stitch
PRINTING Photocopy

Self published by the artist