Constitutional Rites by Satanic San Francisco

1685 Haight

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For decades, millions of those distinctive, 3×5 black and white Christian gospel comic book tracts have littered bus stops and public restrooms coast to coast. It was only a matter of time before Satan got in on the act too.

“Constitutional Rites” is a brand new, original tract by Satanist cartoonist Tabitha Slander, which may or may not strangely resemble the ironically hilarious style of a certain late Christian cartoonist.

In “Constitutional Rites,” evangelical politician Jason Stanley wants to put a monument to the Ten Commandments at the state capitol. Can some friendly local Satanists teach him about the value of separating church and state instead? (Spoiler: Yes, they can, that’s the whole point.)

DISCLAIMER: “Constitutional Rites” references the Satanic Temple’s ongoing disagreement with a certain American politician who shall remain nameless. “Constitutional Rites” is not a product of the Satanic Temple or directly affiliated with them. Satanic San Francisco is an independent grassroots group and the sole purveyor of this tract and campaign. “Constitutional Rites” is a work of satire. Any reference to any actual persons or organizations is purely for satirical purposes

Publisher: Self-Published by Satanic San Francisco.