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Cocktober by Hyena Hell

Cocktober by Hyena Hell

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"It's back for the first time since 2017: COCKTOBER!
This book is intended for adults 18+ and contains material that I'm obliged to categorize as "sexually explicit". I'm sure you have your own ideas about what you think that means; sample photos are more or less representative of content. Proceed at your own risk!

This is the result of my version of the social media thing folks who draw sometimes do in the month of October, called "inktober", where one does a drawing (sometimes based on a pre-scripted theme or prompts) every day for the entirety of the month.

Those things that I draw are penises. Dicks. Cocks. 31 variations on this eternally fascinating, repulsive, enticing, infuriating, enthralling, threatening, ridiculous and ubiquitous instrument. If you're into that (or those), this book is for you.

Digest size (5.5x8.5") 42p full color bleed with heavyweight glossy cover"

-Self published by Hyena Hell

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