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Brainscan 34: A Dabbler's Week of DIY Witchery by Alex Wrekk

Haight St

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In January 2020 there was an article/review of a witchcraft book where the author attempted to become a witch in a week by following the ideas in the book. They came to the conclusion that modern witches were anti-vax climate and change deniers.

The internet witches freaked out! One clever witch asked what someone should actually do to dabble in witchcraft for a week. Some witches set out to answer that question and this is a zine version of my answer.

To me, a big part of studying witchcraft is changing your perspective and seeing the world a little differently. I propose daily activities that starts with cleaning your room, simple energy exercises, what correspondences are how they might work, what animism is, a couple simple spells, and more all told in a conversational non-authoritative tone.

48 pages 1/4 sized with a color card stock cover