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best show ever zine | a celebration of live diy music by Alyssa Giannini

Alyssa Giannini

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★ if you're nostalgic for the days when we could all cram into a tiny basement or living room to see some live music and sweat all over each other, this zine is for you. it's collection of text, photo and flyer submissions.

from the intro, "this zine is a love letter to the basements and community spaces that felt like home. the songs that lived on mix tapes and cds in our headphones and in our hearts, right up until the moment we got to yell the words in person, with a bunch of smiling strangers. this zine is dedicated to the bands and crowds that made us feel less alone. a nod to some of the best nights of our lives. this zine is for you."

★ specs:
2nd edition (1st edition was available to patreon supporters only) / half sized (8.5"x5.5") / staple bound / spearmint green card stock cover / text, photos & flyers / 32 pages

By Alyssa Giannini.