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Another History of Art by Anita Kunz

Another History of Art by Anita Kunz

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The award-winning painter and illustrator Anita Kunz's sumptuous, witty, feminist alternate history of Western art.

Have you ever awakened from a sleepy delirium one morning and imagined that you lived in a different and glorious world where all the recognized masterpieces in the Western pantheon of art history were painted by women? If not, no problem: The renowned and award-winning painter and illustrator Anita Kunz has imagined it for you in her hilariously inventive and masterfully executed Another History of Art. Kunz depicts the most iconic paintings in the history of art — as if they had been painted by women. Conceived with delicious wit, boundless humor, and an eye for the telling aesthetic detail, Kunz's recreations are not only stunning paintings in their own right but a sly, revisionist social commentary on the male-dominated history of Western civilization.

What would the same paintings everyone is so familiar with look like drawn by Renée Françoise Magritte, Fiona Bacon, Davina Hockney, Leona Da Vinci, Gertrude Klimt, Henrietta Matisse, Francesca Goya, Paola Picasso, Fernanda Victoria Eugenia Delacroix, Wilhelmina Ottilia Dix, and over 50 other artists (let us not forget Vincenza Van Gogh)? Another History is your chance to find out. Included, on each page opposite the painting, is a single paragraph biography of each woman artist.

Another History of Art is a brilliantly satirical, and, yes, feminist, counterfactual history of art conceived, written, and painted by one of our most accomplished contemporary artists.

Published by Fantagraphics.

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