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Alice In Leatherland Vol 1 By Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli

Black Mask Studios

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"Meet Alice, a writer of children’s books with a huge heart … that is absolutely crushed when she discovers her girlfriend is cheating. The crisis inspires her to seek a new life, and perhaps a new love, in San Francisco. This romantic comedy, written by Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli, who are a couple, is most assuredly for adults: The story depicts — sometimes with little left to the imagination — the ups and downs of casual sex. One conceit of the five-issue story, which wraps up in August, is that each chapter includes scenes of a fairy tale by Alice, about a firefly who is seeking a mate." -THE NEW YORK TIMES

CBR's Best of 2021
"At once heartfelt and humorous, Alice In Leatherland is a fairytale updated for the age of dating apps. Alice In Leatherland is queer-centered, positive representation of non-conventional sexual practices, and polyamory.
Funny, emotional, and relevant in ways fans will love."

Graphic Policy's Best of 2021
"Alice in Leatherland is a wholesome, sexy, and hyper-stylized slice of life romance comic... The series explores sex and love through an expansive cast of LGBTQ+ characters that I wanted to spend more than five issues with.
Alice in Leatherland is an emotional, funny read with well-developed queer characters and made me immediately add Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli to the list of creators I’ll read anything by." -Logan Dalton, Graphic Policy

"Alice in Leatherland is everything you'd want from a romance tale. Adorable, funny, insightful and just friggin gorgeously drawn. I hope this is just one of many such books from this creative team because my wallet is ready! Seriously! Buy this book!"
-- Stjepan Sejic (Sunstone) 

“YOU SHOULD READ IT. Sexy, fun as hell and interesting.”
--Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural, Sweet Paprika)

Alice, a young writer of children's story books, is hurtled out of her fairytale-like life when she discovers her girlfriend has been cheating on her! 

Charmingly defiant, she leaves her small forest town and leaps into a new adventure to seek love (and find herself) in the fast life of San Francisco. There, her concept of pure, magical love will be completely overturned--her biggest challenge won't be reckoning with other people's sexual drive, it'll be getting a grip on her own! 

From your new favorite writer and artist team of Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli, Alice In Leatherland is a comedy about sex and so, inevitably, about every other aspect of life, too. 

As Iolanda and Elisa describe the book: "Sex is recounted as a way to investigate our relationship with ourselves and others, with our bodies and our place in the world; sexual pleasure as self-affirmation and growth. There is room for Love, too, and bravery. And for many good laughs, that never hurts."

Published by Black Mask Studios