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AFTER LAND Vol. 1 by Chris Taylor

Floating World Comics

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The Dreamer.
The Runner.
Together they become No-No.
A dynamic detective in an age from beyond our time.A place where love, dreams and magic conspire to overthrow the powers of an evil, mechanized society.This, is the After Land…

A science-fiction soap opera featuring the exploits of a no-nonsense detective named NONO who is a composite of two females named JO and DO. JO has the mysterious ability to ingest the milk from the Madeleine Flower and enter an ethereal realm known as PURE INTUITION where she can spy on the unconscious minds of humanity. JO shares this information with DO and together, as NONO, they sell it to the highest bidder in the cloud.

144 pages
8.25" x 11.75"
Full color paperback
ISBN 978-1-942801-99-3

Published by Floating World Comics