Abandon Shop III by Luke Howard

Radiator Comics

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Luke Howard’s zine series Abandon Ship has a third issue! Don’t fret if you haven’t read the previous zines, you don’t have to in order to enjoy this humorous collection of essays, comics and illustrations!

The first section of this issue is an essay about being black with longer hair, and the inexplicable interest white people have in touching Luke’s hair. The other big story is advice Luke has on what to do if someone asks you to join their artist collective. In both cases, white people touching black people’s hair, and joining art collectives, the take away is simple: be polite, and don’t do it! While the first essay is heartfelt, the second gets absurd fast!

Mixed into the zine are interstitial illustrated “Lost” signs, and anxiety dreams about quitting smoking (congrats, Luke!). For a good laugh and some solid insights, pick up Abandon Ship III!