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Wanna See a Nude? by Christina Hu

Wanna See a Nude? by Christina Hu

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*NSFW* 18+ Only 

This zine celebrates Asian women. So often we are fetishized, which at its heart diminishes our autonomy and control when it comes to our sexuality. I wanted to showcase Asian women displaying their sexuality on their own terms, so I drew nudes from a dozen friends and internet strangers who trusted me with their image. Nudes, in a lot of ways, are empowering. You're in control of how you look, how you're styled, what you want to reveal or conceal. You're saying: hey, I'm hot. Look at me.

Hey, these women are hot. Look at them.

This zine is roughly 4"x5.6", 24 pages

Risograph printed on 67lbs bristol vellum

Self published by the artist.

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