The Blank Fight - House Band Feud - LP


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This band started to take part in a house band feud in Pensacola, FL. Rymodee of THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB plays guitar and sings a little, Aaron Cometbus of CRIMPSHRINE and COMETBUS zine plays drums, Cindy Ovenrack of DORIS ZINE plays bass and Skott Cowgill of HEADLESS MARINES sings. it‰ۡó»s poppy folky punk.

This LP is newly re-mastered by John Golden Mastering to finally make the band happy with its sound, and contains every song they ever recorded (15 in all, including one not on the out-of-print Plan-It-X CD). Also included is the original zine from Aaron Cometbus expanded to 20 pages including previously unreleased artwork, photos and linear notes.

Though they were short lived, The Blank Fight succeeded in putting out some truly great, catchy and influential music.

Pressing of 500 on clear vinyl with MP3 download

Also available: The Blank Fight - 18x24 screen-print