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As You Were #Four: Living Situations Anthology

Silver Sprocket

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120 pages of new comics by 34 artists from punk scenes all over the world.

Volume Four’s theme is “Living Situations,” with a healthy mix of indie comic celebrities and new talent drawing original stories with an eclectic range of topics, styles and perspective.

New comics from: Aimée Pijpers, Alex Barrett, Alex Krokus, Andra Passen, Andy Warner, Autumn Ballard, Ben Passmore, Ben Snakepit, Brad Dwyer, Carolina Porras, Chris Mindtree, Emily Timm, Erin K Wilson, Evan Wolff, James the Stanton, Jim Kettner, Josh PM, Joshum, Kriss Stress, Lindsay Anne Watson, Liz Prince, Liz Suburbia, Meg Has Issues, Mel, Nomi Kane, Rachel Dukes, Rick V, Rob Cureton, Sam Grinberg, Sarah Graley, Shannon Knox, Steve Larder, Steve Thueson, Will Laren, and Wyeth Yates

Co-published with Last Gasp of San Francisco.