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Resistor Chart Patch by Lara Grant

Lara Grant

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Patch by Lara Grant

Iron-on patch of a 4-band resistor color chart.

Learn how to read resistor values in no time by having this chart handy, or iron it onto your favorite jacket to show off your love of DIY electronics.

This chart is for a 4-band resistor.

Size: 2-1/4″ wide x 2-3/4″ high

*Iron-on Tips*
This is an iron patch made with synthetic thread. Set the iron to a medium temperature setting. Place the patch on top of the item you wish to adhere it to, place a piece of plain 100% cotton on top of the patch and then apply the iron. Iron it from the back using the piece of cotton in between as well. This will ensure that you don’t apply direct high heat that may scorch and mar the patch (and whatever you are ironing it to). Kick up the temperature a notch at a time if the adhesive does not melt readily.

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