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Bad Boy Diaries II by fenta 粉塔

Bad Boy Diaries II by fenta 粉塔

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This is a box set of six mini-comics, each one focusing on a different vignette inspired by fenta's experiences growing up a s a bad boy. Each page is packaged in a plastic sleeve, like a miniature photo album. In the back of each mini-comic are photos from fenta's childhood. For this special edition of Bad Boy Diaries II, fenta made an English-language insert that translates all the text on the comics. 

fenta is a cartoonist and artist based in Beijing. His two central series of work are Afu and Bad Boy Diaries. His comics address the relationships with oneself, with others, and with life.

Instagram: @fentacn

Digital / black and white / 42 pages / 3.25 x 3.75"

Published by Paradise Systems.

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