AJJ: The Pillowcase


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Last chance! We had a good run, but after three printings this is it. The universe no longer has a band called Andrew Jackson Jihad and it's time for the pillowcase to follow suite. Be the jerk that brings this into your home.

"You really have to hate someone to buy them an AJJ pillowcase, because it is not a fun thing to sleep on. I test drove it and I had nightmares like every time I slept on it. It’s like, waking up to either my face, which is f*cking weird, pardon my French… or Ben’s face… ugh! Like, super gross.” - Sean Bonnette, Andrew Jackson Jihad (punknews.org)

Snuggle with Sean and Ben in actual size! Double-sided and soft. This is our #1 worst idea. Final printing.