Larry And His Flask - By The Lamplight - CD


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Following up on Larry And His flask‰۪s 2011 Silver Sprocket debut full-length, All That We Know, By The Lamplight ups the ante on infectious and frenetic homespun country/anarchic punk that The Flask is known for.

Recorded at Rancho Recordo in the woods of Fenton, MI, and featuring guest vocals by Jenny Young Owens, this is Larry And His Flask‰۪s finest and most exciting record yet.

For the uninitiated, Larry and His Flask make music that lies somewhere between a barn raising and a mosh pit.

The New York TimesåÊcalls them "uncommonly joyous" and "deviously astute", while their live show is a "breathless, polymorphous good time." Originally conceived as a four piece punk band, the group has swelled into a fully realized quintet with strong Americana influences complete with stand-up bass, mandolin and banjo. Their live act is not to be missed - unlike any other band playing music today, Larry and His Flask truly incorporate their audiences into each show, connecting to create an experience that converts everyone into fans and permeates the border between performer and spectator. Performances see members careening wildly across the stage with instruments, narrowly avoiding harrowing collisions amongst themselves and frequently trading said instruments mid-song while still maintaining pitch-perfect 4-part harmonies.