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Turnstile Comix #2: The World Inferno Friendship Society

Turnstile Comix #2: The World Inferno Friendship Society

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NYC orchestral punk-cabaret gangsters THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY and punk-rock cartoonists MITCH CLEM and NATION OF AMANDA proudly present Turnstile Comix #2, a fusing of music, art and storytelling with a brand new 7” vinyl EP accompanied by a 40-page comic book depicting some of the group’s craziest road stories, embellishments and all.

Face off against the worst fiends punks ever known: straight edger's in The Snapcase Incident! Marvel at a scorned club owner's unique and bizarre attempt to sabotage a band's career in The Trouble with Troubadours!

The EP features the gang’s latest hits, “The Faster You Go The Better You Think”, “Second Chance Saloon” and “Pickles and Gin”.

The accompanying comic book was scripted and illustrated by Mitch Clem, known for his “Nothing Nice to Say” web-comic, “My Stupid Life” strips in Razorcake and the As You Were series. Trimmed to 7x7 inches to fit comfortably in one’s record collection, the book delivers festive tales of anarchy, destruction and bad ideas.

"What a memory this show was. Best first impression a band has ever made on me" - Laura Jane Grace, Against Me!

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