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Millennial Falcon Comics Issue #2 by Ilan Moskowitz, Illustrated by Marcus Moreno, "Dumping" Djo Fotunato, Josh PM

Fake Publishing Millionaires

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Includes Millennial Falcon's new EP's, Sativa Chemtrails and Babyteeth!

Millennial Falcon Comics is an ongoing comic book series telling the semi-autobiographical tale of the Millennial Falcon band from Portland, Oregon. This stoner comic book experience takes you inside Millennial Falcon's albums (and personal lives) in a fantastical, science fiction way. 

Issue 2 finds Captain contingency at odds with the frozen head comme mecha-overlord Wort Dozney and his cadre of trademark brandishing lawyers. Will the new crew of the now exploded Millennial Falcon be able to recover their music powered engine in time to save themselves from litigious mouse-toting megalomaniacs, tweakers, and truckers?

Every comic comes with a CD of the Millennial Falcon EP "UR Innda Matrix" 7 songs of stoner punk weirdness sure to titallate and inspire (whether it inspires optimism, fear, or malaise is up to whatever you're toking, alright, your mileage may vary).


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