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The Changeling, Volume 2 by Tina Lugo

Silver Sprocket

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Luth is a lycan—half human, half wolf—ostracized from her clan. In order to prove herself, she enters the trials to become Heketi, an elite warrior hand-picked to serve as defender and peacekeeper. But in the grueling challenge of the trials, she discovers something else entirely. She is the Dark Star, destined to bring ruin to her land. Can she fight against the demon lurking inside her, or will tragedy win out?


Also available: The Changeling, Volume 1


"An engrossing fantasy adventure that wastes no time in developing a wildly cool world populated by intriguing characters. Tina Lugo pays homage to classics like Berserk and Princess Mononoke while producing an intricately drawn world that has no trouble standing on its own two hairy paws." – Jenn Woodall, Magical Beatdown


Softcover; 64 B&W pages; 6” x 9”
ISBN: 979-8-88620-013-3
By Tina Lugo