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Frontier #8: Anna Deflorian

Youth In Decline

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Debuted at Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 2015. 32 pages, color offset interiors.

Our newest issue is the first English-language publication of work by Italian artist Anna Deflorian. Frontier #8 features the new comic "Faith in Strangers" - a visually experimental tale revolving around the mundane and sordid lives of young women at the gym and in fashion.

Anna Deflorian is a talented painter, illustrator, and cartoonist whose colorful and vibrants stories span a variety of media. Anna lives and works in Italy, and is the author of the graphic novel "Roghi" from Canicola edizioni. Her work has been featured previously in Kuti 21, Sans Soleil 3, and Kuš! 9: Female Secrets.

Published by Youth in Decline.