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The Sucker by Elle Shivers

The Sucker by Elle Shivers

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In this moving graphic novel by cartoonist Elle Shivers, two estranged friends discover a mysterious underwater creature, setting off a collision of passions and wants.

On an assignment to survey an uninhabited Philippine island marked for commercial development, a jaded marine biologist and a guileless underwater photographer are surprised to find themselves thrust back together after losing touch. The straightforward mission gets complicated by their discovery of a strange giant squid that was thought to have gone extinct. As tensions rise over the fate of the creature, EJ and Dani must make their own choices about what's right, and what they owe to each other.


"Shivers deftly builds a moody atmosphere that perfectly sets the stage for a complicated entanglement between two old friends, the past, and the natural world." – Ariel Ries, Witchy

"The Sucker is akin to a gem you stumble upon at a short film festival. Unembellished and honest, it doesn’t let go of your hand as you leave the theatre seats. It follows you home like an old friend." – Hana Chatani, Give Her Back To Me


Originally published digitally as part of the 2021 ShortBox Comics Fair

Softcover; 64 limited color pages; 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 979-8-88620-018-8
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