Blackbird Raum - False Weavers - CD


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Acoustic crust-punk rabble rousers BLACKBIRD RAUM present their brand new full length, False Weavers, available on CD, LP and digital from Silver Sprocket.

False Weavers was recorded at all-analog Tiny Telephone Studios and features intricately detailed artwork by legendary Dungeons And Dragons artist Russ Nicholson.̴Ì_

False Weavers jumps from frantic acoustic hardcore to medieval folk-metal, to blissful chaotic sound collages. Paranoid and obscure lyrics spouted in four-part harmony over washtub bass time-signature gymnastics suddenly transition to introspective folk numbers that end just as abruptly in CRASS styled minimalist shouting matches.

Track Listing:
1. People Were Yelling But Of Course You Couldn't Help Them
2. The Lash
3. False Weavers
4. Grudge Against The Epitaph
5. Disfigured Isolation
6. The Greymare Parts 1 & 2
7. Bare Ground
8. Belmont
9. Bury The Record
10. A Rat In Thy Dream
11. Beast Of Carthage
12. The Greymare Part 3
13. The Lord of Husk and Rinds
14. Fate of Drowning
15. String Follow
16. Sloblands of Fairview

Also available on 12" vinyl with an included 18x24 map of the "Known Lands In The Age Of False Weavers" illustrated by Russ Nicholson.

Europe:Records and shirts are also available from Schwarzesocke