Blackbird Raum - False Weavers - LP (Red Vinyl/666)


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Second Pressing of 666 LPs on red vinyl
Includes immediate MP3 download link via e-mail

Blackbird Raum's crowing achievement to date, False Weavers was recorded at all-analog Tiny Telephone Studios to showcase a major step forward in song-writing and production quality.

The LP features intricately detailed album artwork by legendary Dungeons And Dragons artist Russ Nicholson including 18 x 24 inch map of the "Known Lands In The Age Of False Weavers" with the locations of DIY organizations, venues and squats world-wide that the band has interacted with over their travels, but in the fantasy realm.

False Weavers jumps from frantic acoustic hardcore to medieval folk-metal, to blissful chaotic sound collages. Paranoid and obscure lyrics spouted in four-part harmony over washtub bass time-signature gymnastics suddenly transition to introspective folk numbers that end just as abruptly in CRASS styled minimalist shouting matches.

Track Listing:
1. People Were Yelling But Of Course You Couldn't Help Them
2. The Lash
3. False Weavers
4. Grudge Against The Epitaph
5. Disfigured Isolation
6. The Greymare Parts 1 & 2
7. Bare Ground
8. Belmont
9. Bury The Record
10. A Rat In Thy Dream
11. Beast Of Carthage
12. The Greymare Part 3
13. The Lord of Husk and Rinds
14. Fate of Drowning
15. String Follow
16. Sloblands of Fairview

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