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Washi Tape: Comic Fiends Gold Foil Tape by Natalie Andrewson

Washi Station

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Washi Tape! Use it for anything you would normally use tape for but it's got cool art on it!

We're celebrating spooky season by spotlighting our favourite fantastic independent comics creators!

Printed paper tape, perfect for any time you’d use regular tape, only cuter! Hang up artwork, use it in planners, or for sealing and decorating mail. Easily peels off, does not leave any residue on surfaces. A perfect gift for the spooky stationery lover in your life - or you! Note: foil tape sticks to paper surfaces less well, but sticks to plastic and glass better than regular paper tape!

Original design by Natalie Andrewson

Dimensions: 20mm x 10m with gold foil detail


Produced by The Washi Station!