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Be Kind, My Neighbor by Yugo Limbo

Be Kind, My Neighbor by Yugo Limbo

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Murder. Love. Cults. Puppets!

It’s 1973, the town of Baths, cozy middle-of-nowhere American heartland. Traveling musician Wegg rolls in, content to busk for a beat and be on his merry way once more. That is, until he meets Mr. Neighbor, the disarmingly sweet man made of cloth who offers him company and a place to stay. As the two grow closer, they click together just right, each harmonizing with the other's most secret self. Yet their growing romance is haunted by uncertainty and mystery...

There's the town itself, plagued by repeated, ritualistic murders by the elusive Baths Heartbreaker. Then there's Neighbor, whose cheerful demeanor never falters, but who disappears like clockwork every month. And Wegg, who lives as though he's on borrowed time—what exactly is he afraid will catch up to him?

A twisting graphic novel of love and deceit, all threaded together with lush psychedelia, folk horror, and a heaping helping of mirth. Turns out, sometimes the best way to conquer your past is to find a future.


"Yugo has crafted a textured and tactile world unlike anything else out there, full of songs and killers, cults and strange gods, puppets and transformation, and at the heart of it all a very real and wonderful love story. Read this at all costs." – Trevor Henderson

"It’s a mad puppet show about two trans men in the 70s dealing with various cults, serial killers, and anxiety ridden mailmen. What more could you ask for? How about an extremely stylish art style that oozes nostalgia and terror in the same breath? An eclectic taste in music that doesn’t feel like a greatest hits album? A battle between Gods as represented by a queer man’s epiphany? Be Kind, My Neighbor has all of this and more. Plus, it’s kinda hot." – Sean Dillon, Comic Book Herald, "Best Comics of 2022"


496 Full-color pages; 6.25” x 8”; ISBN: 978-1-945509-92-6; SRP: $39.99; Release date: 8/10/22

This book contains sensitive material relating to:
Blood, Cults, Death, Drugs, Gore, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Abuse, Murder, Sexual Situations, BDSM, and Unreality. 

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