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Cicatrix by Elle

Cicatrix by Elle

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Comes with a free "US Troops Out" screen-printed metallic vinyl sticker

A powerful study in introspection, inheritance, and the manifestation of hypochondria by a talented indie cartoonist. Beautifully illustrated and poignantly told, the author investigates the guilt they carry as a young Filipino person born into a family that benefited from the Marcos regime, and how that materializes within the physical body.


"Cicatrix is beautiful and deeply honest, a clear-eyed look at something strange and unexplainable—family, harm, guilt, and our own fragile bodies." – Eleanor Davis, The Hard Tomorrow

"Elle, accompanied by their stunning sequential work and evocative writing, perfectly captures the feelings of guilt, anxiety, and resentment in Cicatrix."  – Diigii Daguna, Mami

"With beautiful and sometimes chilling art, Cicatrix plunges us into a psychosomatic prison that many of us are familiar with. What do we do with the guilt we carry for living comfortably off the cruelty of our predecessors? Elle processes this complex question both bluntly and elegantly, weaving physical and emotional turmoil to create a brutally realistic story of this unique anxiety." – Kiku Hughes, Displacement


Paperback; 48 Full-color pages; 8” x 11″
ISBN: 978-1-945509-85-8; SRP: 12.99; Release date: 7/6/22

Also Available: Cicatrix sticker pack benefiting BAYAN USA, a grassroots alliance struggling for genuine democracy and sovereignty in The Philippines

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